About us

We portray a merchant caravan hailing from Bergen Norway.

Carrying our stock-fish and wares to local fairs.
The time period can be from 1100’s through the 1500’s depending on the show.

The unique diversity of the merchant caravan is on display.
This allows our members to create and develop characters from almost anywhere in the world.

The Encampment is set up for patrons to enter and immerse themselves in history.

In our encampment we portray the headquarters area of a Merchant Caravan.
We have on display: crafts and kitchens, sleeping quarters, dining areas.
We are set up as a living Museum!
Our Tents are open to display living conditions on the road.
There are  daily ongoing demonstrations of renaissance cooking and crafting.

Our demonstrations include our very own Lace and Steel ,who perform several times during the fair day!

We hope you will visit us soon.

 Lord Sven av Lillienskjold
Hansgraf Bergen’s Kontor

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