In Memoriam
Aimee Rosenthal

Our friend Aimee  was taken from us too soon .
She was a member of the Hanseatic League from year one .
She was an active member until illness forced her to stop .
I have so incredibly many great stories I could tell about her.

I think rather , I will say something that I loved and respected about her.

Let me start by telling you she was an elementary school teacher.
She was not an outdoorsy type of person when we met in 1996.
She was one of the first people I recruited to our newly formed
Hanseatic League .

The idea of camping terrified her, she was scared of just about every aspect of camp life.  Yet over the next few years I watched my friend take on and conquer  every single fear she had.

She amazed me in her determination and courage !

The picture below is in front of her tent where she was camping and doing things she never imagined when we met.

She passed away in July of 2013 .


Aimee and I
chatting at her table
in front of her tent circa 2006

Aimee had written a Poem(below) for me back in 2006 .
It is one of my most treasured gifts.

Aimee we love you and miss you .
Lord Sven av Lillianskjold
Aimee’s friend.

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