The Lace and Steel Show


Since the very first merchant caravans started traveling the trails and byways.
There have been entertainers plying their craft, traveling with the caravans from towns to ports and shires.

Sadie and Olav are Lace and Steel 

Sword Swallowing,
Knife throwing at Sadie on the wheel of death .
Olav relaxing on his bed of nails.
Sadie breaking bricks on Olav’s chest.
Walking barefoot on a bed of broken glass, and the Secret Grand Finale:
You will have to see the show to believe !!


Olav and Sadie on stage as  Lace and Steel.

Lace and Steel Show’s in The Hanseatic League encampment throughout the day.


Lace and Steel are Available for Hire for any event.

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Lace and Steel show

Just a few of our shows

at the various festivals and venues

We are skilled performers

Please do not try this at home

Olav the misguided


The Lovely Sadie

Out on the lanes

The wheel of Death

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