Living History is our Passion

Founded in March of 2000
  Our Living History  Reenactment group will be celebrating our 21st year at
Performing at Renaissance Festivals,  Medieval Fairs, and Pirate Fest’s


Show Schedule for 2021-2022

We are now back on track for the 2021-2022 Fair Season

We have a plan !!!

Hanseatic League will be returning to Camelot Days

Camelot Days Medieval  Festival

Nov 6-7 , 13-14 , 20-21 2021

10:00am 6:00pm

TY Park
 Hollywood, FL

Hanseatic League is back at FLaRF for the 2022 Festival

Florida Renaissance Festival

We have the Official Announcement from Florida Renaissance Festival
Back in Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, FL, our new 2022 festival dates are:
February 5th – March 20th of 2022
We would also like to announce our themed weekends…
…..drum roll please………
Weekend 1 (Feb. 5th & 6th)
Pirates – A Swashbuckling Adventure
Weekend 2 (Feb. 12th & 13th)
Vikings – A Warriors Weekend
Weekend 3 (Feb. 19th & 20th)
Steampunk/Time Traveler’s – The Evolution of Invention
Weekend 4 (Feb. 26th & 27th)
The Wonderful World of Wenches – A Beautiful Empowerment
Weekend 5 (Mar. 5th & 6th)
Heroes and Villains – A Cosplay Carnival
Weekend 6 (Mar. 12th & 13th)
Highland Fling – A Celtic Celebration
Weekend 7 (Mar. 19th & 20th)
Potter’s Magical Finale – A Frolic of Faeries

10:00am 6:00pm

  Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield, Fl

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